It pays to be green...

Not only do we design offices with the environment in mind for the environment’s benefit, but also for your benefit! Most office occupiers can save 20% on their energy use. Yes, that is right; a few simple things incorporated into your new office interior refurbishment or fit out can actually save money in the long term. This is what we mean:


  • Energy saving lights – they turn off or on when you walk in or out of the room! They also can have light sensors so they turn off in areas of the office where the natural light matches that of the artificial.
  • Climate control – only heat or cool the areas in use! Why pay to keep the whole building hot or cool, when with energy efficient heating and cooling systems each area can be controlled independently. When areas are not in use, the system can default to a pre-agreed ambient setting.
  • Efficient heating – the Carbon Trust claims that an inefficient boiler can increase costs by as much as 30%. Change hot water boilers for new low energy versions.
  • Tax benefits – through the ECA scheme, when energy efficient equipment meeting the criteria is installed.
  • Water saving – save water by installing a recycling system for irrigation to landscaping, and even for flushing WCs and urinals.
  • Insulate – roof voids in many office buildings over 10 years old do not have enough insulation to meet current requirements, improving this can gain more savings.


Because we are experts in our field, our designers can plan for a greener office from the outset. Being ‘green’ is viewed so highly by the public, but more importantly by clients and staff alike. A more sustainable office not just saves money, but is good PR.

So, that is how we can help you have a more economic, environmentally friendly environment, but how do we help the planet?


  • Recycling – all of our redundant or left over materials are recycled where possible via licensed recycling contractors.
  • Reclaiming – if it possible to re-finish and re-use materials such as timber doors, storage wall or glass partitions, either within the same building or between two, we do.
  • Buying smart – we aim not only to procure the most economic and energy efficient equipment and materials, but we are also choosy about where they come from. We work with like minded companies with the same social and environmental attitudes as us.
  • Transport – where possible, we source local materials and products to reduce in transit costs both financially and environmentally. Contrary to what we hear in the press, we do still have a strong manufacturing industry in the UK, and partitions, doors, seating, furniture and ceilings, and all their component parts are all manufactured here.


If you are looking for an innovative design with green credentials for your office interior fit out or refurbishment, in London or the South contact the experts, Gifford Grant. 01252 816188