Partitions and Doors

Partitions are the most flexible way of dividing office space.  Used to create individual offices, meeting rooms, break out and other welfare areas, partitions afford the incoming tenants a multitude of ways to design and space plan their new offices.

Glazed partitions, including silicon jointed ‘frameless’ systems, single glazed, double glazed with blinds or manifestations and even half glazed partitions, offer privacy while allowing natural light through. Solid partitions can be specified in order to increase both privacy and sound attenuation. These can be curved, straight, full or half height.

How often is a meeting room required for 60 staff? To retain the option of one large meeting room with the flexibility of dividing the space into two or three smaller rooms, folding walls offer the best of both worlds.

Glass partitionGlass partitionsCurved partition and feature flooring


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