Office Interiors London

and the South

When considering a change to your office interiors in London and the South, Gifford Grant is able to provide a wealth of experience in the design and functionality of the new space.

When considering an office fit out or refurbishment several factors need to be considered.


Timescale: Whether you are moving to new offices or refurbishing existing space, it is important to establish achievable timescales for the project. Engaging an experienced design and build company as early as possible is essential to help guide you through the process. A programme of works will be quickly established and will include key dates such as: giving notice to your existing landlord or gaining a license to alter to carry out the work; a move date which will be reverse programmed to provide a start date for the project depending on how the length of works; a notification date for Building Control and the HSE; relocation to the new premises. Once this initial programme has been defined, more detail will be added showing the flow of works during the contract.


Budget: Is your new office going to be a glass and chrome showpiece? Or will it be understated and classical? It is important to have an idea of budget in order for Gifford Grant to design around it and incorporate as much into the office as possible. When designing office interiors in London and the South, we always aim to achieve our client's goals within their fixed budget.  


Who to work with: You will be forming a partnership with another organisation with the sole aim of fitting out or refurbishing your office, industrial or retail space. This relationship will need to based not only on facts and figures but also on mutual trust. People buy from people, and Gifford Grant is proud that its clients not only trust it to carry out one project but often repeat work. Clients such as: HWM Aston MartinChantrey Vellacott DFKKurvers PipingHWM Alfa RomeoGerard Daniels and many more come back to Gifford Grant time and again when they take on additional space, need to relocate or need additional small works carried out. Because we have a great team that cares about its customers, people like to work with Gifford Grant.


If you are considering a change to your office interiors in London or the South contact us now to discuss your office fit out or refurbishment on 01252 816188 or email