Maintenance Programmes

Whether you own your building, look after property on behalf of landlords or lease space as tenants, you will have systems in place that require regular servicing. Gifford Grant has the skills and staff in-house to provide you with a planned maintenance system to suit your ongoing property needs.


On completion of our office refurbishment and fit out contracts, we offer a preventive maintenance programme designed specifically for you and tailored to your building.

The detailed knowledge gained during the fit-out is not wasted, but is used to reduce “costs-in-use”. Our maintenance team will arrange scheduled maintenance visits to suit your company's needs, out of hours when necessary. This solution saves you time and money so contact us now to arrange for a comprehensive assessment of your requirements.

 *One point of contact for all maintenance and testing needs - Gifford Grant frequently handles annual inspection and maintenance with up to ten different companies for one client site.


*Peace of mind to know that you can pass your statutory liabilities to an expert; essential testing such as electrics, fire and intruder alarms do not get forgotten.


*Expert help and detailed knowledge: more often than not, the craftsmen who worked on your building will be the ones to maintain it, using their knowledge of the site and every detail of the build.


 *Automatic backup: if the regular service company becomes unavailable, an alternative will be fully briefed before their site visit.


*Fast diagnosis: if a broken component needs identifying, our staff will identify and souce a replacement more quickly than your own staff.


To find out more about arranging a maintenance package for your commercial space, contact us at or telephone 01252 816188.


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