Comms Rooms

The Comms Room is the nerve centre of any office and will contain data cabling, a number of equipment racks, power supplies and UPS (uninterruptable power supply) devices. Ideally these are situated on a raised floor in order to facilitate CAT5 or CAT6 cabling from the racks to the workstations out on the office floors.

Wireless networks are becoming more popular in office environments, and not only offer a virtually cable free installation but also optimum flexibility, particularly when hot desking is required.  Where wireless networking is required a hub would be installed within the secure comms room.

Stand-alone air conditioning is essential and will normally be separate from the main building system so that it does not switch off at night and will provide 24/7 cooling. Where necessary fire suppression and leak detection systems can be installed for added protection. Access control is also an added security benefit in most installations, as are raised access floors.

We can carry out the planning, design and installation of your comms room and structured cabling networks, and assist in the relocation of your equipment to ensure no down-time while moving offices.


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